The University of Criminals. The Janowska Camp in Lviv 1941-1944

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The book by Michał Maksymilian Borwicz (1911-1987), reissued for the first time after 68 years, is an unusual testimony of a prisoner of the Janowska Camp in Lviv, where even 200,000 Galician Jews might have died, according to historians. Borwicz’s book is written in the form of a historical short story. Reading it brings to mind associations with the famous book by Solzhenitsyn, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, though all Borwicz’s characters are real.

The book consists of two parts – The university of criminals and an extensive appendix, including four texts: an introduction (by Eleonora Bergman), Borwicz’s biography (by Edyta Gawron), an outline of the history of the Lviv Jews (by Leon Perlman) and the history of the Janowska Camp (by Adam Redzik). The book is also available an E-BOOK.


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